Aktas Management Consultation

Kapuzinerplatz 3
80337 Munich

Ali Haydar Aktas
Tax ID no: DE 250 114 255

Tel.: +49.89.45 473 474
Fax: +49.89.45 473 475

E-mail: info@unternehmensberatung-aktas.de
Web: www.unternehmensberatung-aktas.de

Notice of liability

With its ruling of May 12th, 1998 – 312 O 85/98 – the Hamburg District Court decided that responsibility is taken not only for the content of a website, but also for the content of linked websites. This can only be avoided by explicitly distancing oneself from this content. We have set links to other pages in the Internet on various pages of our homepage. We would hereby like to explicitly emphasize that we have absolutely no influence on the creation or the content of the linked sites. Therefore, we hereby distance ourselves explicitly from the content of all sites linked to our homepage and do not adopt their content as our own. This declaration applies for all links displayed on our homepage.


The services listed and offered on this site are executed in the scope of § 6.3/4 of the StBerG (Tax Consultancy Act).

* Our accounting services include only the booking of current business transactions and current payroll accounting.

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